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Mark Anthony band featuring:



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Mark Anthony Band Featuring "KRISTINA LYNN"

Mark Anthony Band 

Mark Anthony: Lead Vocals, Keys,  Guitar

Krstina Lynn Lead Vocals, Keys, Percussion

Bobby Cavanaugh: Bass, Vocals

Johnny Moore: Drums

Ethan Ambercrombie: Sax

"Piano Man"

(Bily Joel Tribute)

Mark Anthony as Billy Joel

Kristina Lynn: Keyboards Vocals

Bob Cavanaugh: Bass Vocals

Ethan Ambercrombie: Sax

Chuck Darling: Drums Vocals

"Night Moves" 

(Bob Seger Tribute)
Mark Anthony as Bob Seger Gtr

Kristina Lynn: Keys,Vocals

Bobby Cavanaugh: Bass, Vocals

Cuck Darling: Drums, Vocals

Wright Still: Sax

"Dark Lady"

  (Cher Tribute)

Kristina Lynn as Cher

Mark Anthony Guitar keys Vocals

Bob Cavanaugh Bass Vocals

Chuck darling Drums Vocals

"Edge of GaGa"

(Lady GaGa Tribute)

Kristina Lynn as Lady GaGa

Mark Anthony: Guitar, Keys, Vocals

Bob Cavanaugh: Bass, Vocals

Ethan Ambercrombie: Sax

Chuck Darling: Drums, Vocals

"Material Girl"

  (Madonna Tribute)

Kristina Lynn as Madonna

Mark Anthony: Guitar, Keys, Vocals

Bob Cavanaugh: Bass, Vocals

Chuck Darling:  Drums Vocals

Mark Anthony:  Brooklyn N.Y.

Kristina Lynn:   Knoxville, Tenn

Bob Cavanaugh:  Long Island N.Y.

Chuck Darling:  Philippines

Johnny Moore:   New Jersey

Wright Still: Baltimore MD

Ethan Ambercrombie: Florida

Wright Still:   Baltimore MD

Mark Anthony 

Born in Brooklyn N.Y. His family moved to new Jersey when he was just 10 yeras old. He began to learn Guitar and Piano and vocal. Has been a musician all his life. He is a FULL TIME Musician. Mark has performed ia scores of night clubs and theaters all his life. He began at the age of 14. joined a band with senior high school musicians. He was chosen over older more experienced musicians because of his raw talent on Guitar and his unmistakable voice. As his experience grew so did he. Eventually he was a full time musician performing in bars and clubs on the New Jersey shore club scene. He met many top performers through the years. he opened for or jammed with many big name artists. Many of whom were major stars.  Eventually he moved to Florida and met his wife Kristina Lynn.

Together they worked as a duo for many years then they formed a full band and named it: "The Mark Anthony Band Featuring: Kristina Lynn"

Kristina and mark then developed a Tribute show line up: 

Mark performs as Billy Joel In the Tribute "PIANO MAN"  and as Bob Seger in the Tribute: 'NIGHT MOVES"

Kristina performs as Cher in the Tribute: "DARK LADY" , as Madonna in the Tribute: "MATERIAL GIRL" and as Lady GaGa in the Tribute called: 'EDGE OF GAGA" Kristina also Performs a Country Tribute called: 'KEEPN IT COUNTRY"

They both perform these tributes with a full band and a as a solo act with tracks.  They often combine shows.

Between the MAB cover band, the Duo, and all the Tributes...they are extremely busy !!

Kristina Lynn 

was born in Tenn. She eventually moved to Florida and grew up most of her life there.  She acted in school plays and always took the opportunity to sing. People noticed her beautiful and powerful voice at an early age.   Eventually she performed in clubs as a young musician also playing keyboards and fronting bands with her unmatched stage presence.  She met Mark at and early age and he helped fined tuned her talent over the years and together they have been a force to be recognized for years. Currently as in the past Kristina wows audiences every night! whether its the cover acts or her tribute performances she is tops in her field!

She is loved by so many followers and it just keeps growing!  The response is sometimes overwhelming !

Her "close to the artist" performances and "look a like" stage presence is amazing  youll think its Cher or Lady GaGa !!!  She also has musical instrument talents and plays Keyboards in her Edge of GaGa tribute and backs up Mark on keys and vocals  in his Tribute shows as well.  She is multi talented and beautiful as well!   Kristina has feel. technique and pathos in her delivery and that is why she considered one of the best female vocalists in Florida.

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Jack Rinaldi World Ent Naples Fl 239 777 5686

Jack Rinaldi: Agent/ World Ent.  Naples, Fl (239) 777 5686

Paul Dreyfus:  Alpha Artists Productions LLC : (973) 479 3556

Tal-Ent Productions: Paul Lawrence Ft Myers, Fl (239)  277 0019

South Florida Legends Paul Piazzola 

Ron Myers Detroit Tigers (Joker Marchant Stadium) Lakeland, Fl

(863) 738 0002

Nico Brown Productions: (352) 398 8365

Wolfman Jack Productions Wayne Honeycut (813) 610 8180

Chris Langlo: Arts and Hurricanes (727) 376 1164

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